Depth on Demand™ Begins …

Let’s start by defining Depth on Demand™. It refers to a basic, simple human behavioral observation: We want what we want when we want it. This is as true of marketing programs and campaigns as it is of, say, marriage and child-rearing.

For marketing campaigns and programs, it means that we are obliged to provide consumers who fit the personas our clients are targeting a well-stocked, broadly seeded inventory of branded content and branding applications in order to fulfill the consumers’ wants and needs.

By providing less than what we can anticipate in our target consumers’ varying array of need states and desires, the marketer fails to gain the consumers’ trust, purchase and potential admiration. Brands that want to become category captains (or maintain captaincy) are especially responsible for providing Depth on Demand.

iPhone screen capture image

foursquare offers me an opportunity to go deep(er)


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