Depth On Demand™ for Bricks and Clicks

Marketers and retailers have been waiting for the m-commerce revolution, and, according to a Motorola report, more than one-half of Internet users worldwide made a mobile device part of their shopping

via Mobile Shopping Takes Hold Worldwide – eMarketer.

Shoppers are the darnedest people! They show us the way forward just by doing stuff that matters to them. This is a revelation. Two-thirds of Gen Y shoppers use a mobile device while shopping in stores. And I thought it was just me!

If the marketers whose products are on the shelves doesn’t proactively ensure that relevant, worthwhile and differentiating content and/or app utility is at hand to these shoppers, they risk the sale.

This is a wonderful example of the shift from “Or” to “And” in consumer behavior and generational attitudes. Even in advertising and marketing agencies, we continue to see campaign plans that define traditional and digital in term of “Or.” Clearly, if we just pay attention to the shopper, we see that shopper behavior rewards the “And.”

As a shopper I have the best chance for making the most gratifying purchase by embracing “And” — digital and traditional platforms. And I do it without being prompted because, in a free market system, the benefits rise as I embrace both forms of media.


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