Mobile Tools for Producers: Do You Need an App? | Mobilizedtv

At the recent NATPE conference in Las Vegas, I appeared on a panel hosted by John Heinsen of Bunnygraph Entertainment. Here’s part of what I said:

“Mobile is the enabling device constantly in the possesstion of every consumer,” he said. “Instead of counting clicks, look at engagement metrics to measure how you’re doing in the marketplace.” The notion of “Depth on Demand” comes from that observation. “It’s no longer thinking of ‘I have a property I have to drive consumers to’,” he said. “Consumers are in a variety of consumption modes, from superficial to deep, where they want to enage interactively. The post-purchase experience is even more valuable as Social Media and Word of Mouth spread. Therefore atomize and distribute the content as “social media objects” in advertising units, landing pages, microsites, sponsored content modules, viral streaming videos, apps and more. And put ’share this’ on everything. By sharing it, they’re becoming the proponents of the content. And that’s the most persuasive form of marketing.”

via Mobile Tools for Producers: Do You Need an App? | Mobilizedtv.


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