Depth On Demand™ and Why You Need a Strategy for Social Media – eMarketer

“A strategy is also critical because social media users will expect companies to be savvy in the social space. That includes making sure social marketing initiatives are in line with other brand marketing strategies.”

via Why You Need a Strategy for Social Media – eMarketer.

Depth On Demand™ presupposes that you – the marketer – are seeding branded content and branding applications across the platforms and channels that correlate with how your audience inhabits the world.

Let’s break that down:

You are the marketer who wants to persuade people to admire, purchase and advocate on behalf of your product or service.

You develop or commission the making of branded content (web sites, webisodes, advertising campaigns, advergames) and/or branding applications (web apps, mobile apps, digital POS, widgets).

You distribute or “seed” this content and/or these apps across platforms – web, mobile, retail, television, cinema, arenas/stadiums, radio, print, OOH.

Your distribution plan factors in how the intended audience behaves ethnographically in addition to considering the most efficient cost. However, you are making yourself allow for variable CPM analyses because you recognize that the lowest CPM doesn’t correlate to the greatest ROI.

You ensure that the arc of the Brand Story your effort tells is consistent across these disparate and sometimes contradictory platforms.

You seek to break the habit of expecting the audience to follow a linear path through your media plan; instead you ensure that there is continuity between the components of your overall plan.

You monitor and “listen” to the social space to ascertain influence while also measuring clicks, calls, impressions, share of mind, share of wallet, share of basket and the like.

You participate in discussion and dialog through the social space to address the inconsistencies and incoherence that naturally arises from the open marketplace of ideas in which today’s empowered consumer freely operates.


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