Social Objects are the Currency of Depth On Demand™

Almost every form of media can be a social object. Television commercials are actually social objects. The best of them gain so much “buzz” and “talk value” that they enter into the vocabulary of every day life. Now that TV is itself a digital medium, we can add commercials to the arsenal.

Quick sidebar: My son queued up a recent episode of Modern Family on Hulu yesterday (the one in which the dad gets an iPad for his birthday), and the ad unit was an advergame. Surely this is foreshadowing of innovations to come on conventional television.


One thought on “Social Objects are the Currency of Depth On Demand™

  1. And the best of the best (commercials) become teaching models for how to live, as with the Nike “If You Let Me Do Sports.” These are inspirational and instructive to such an extent that they may well replace more traditional models of transmitting cultural values. Conversely, the crap can, in the aggregate, have a deleterious effect on how we treat each other. The middle-brow stuff is inoffensive and mostly unmemorable. But did you notice how the McDonald’s fish-on-the-wall used the subjunctive correctly?

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