Traditional Agencies Can’t Afford Digital Chart posted this chart depicting an ideal digital project team.

All it takes, really, to make an advertising campaign is about four people — a creative team, an account manager and a media strategist. Now, agencies also provide account/brand planning, production and sundry services.

Not so much for digital. It takes far more people, many of whom possess specialized skills, with far more technical expertise than conventional advertising. Meanwhile, the budget allocation for digital remains a speck compared to television and print advertising. Ever wonder why?

Look no farther than the agency’s balance sheet.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Agencies Can’t Afford Digital

  1. For me this is less about the resources agencies control as FTE’s, and more about the inability of most agencies to collaborate with the whole ecosystem of external service providers necessary to cover the breadth of a digital engagement.

    Great digital marketing takes a village today. Most agencies don’t get that, or are unable to see past their short term incentives to act on it.

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