An Appreciation of The Consumer Decision Journey with Data Points! (Bonus!!)

“Increasingly, online experiences with companies and products have reinforced the loyalty loop in the consumer decision cycle.  In addition, with today’s online existence, these customers can be a strong extension of your marketing/sales efforts by recommending your products/services to others and defending you when issues/problems arise.”

“According to ORC (Opinion Research Corporation), companies are welcome into the social network communities as long as you follow the rules:
* 51% said companies should have a presence but shouldonly interact with consumers as needed or by request
* 34% feel companies should be in social media and interact regularly
* 15% say companies should sit in the balcony or stay home

According to a recent Razorfish study, an impressive 64% of connected consumers had made their first purchase because of their digital experience.  In addition:
* 60% consider the brand favorably when they are in the market for a product/service in that category
* 40% recommend the brand to others

Cone Research found:
* 74% who interact with the company/product online usually have a more positive impression of the company, product/service
* 72% feel a stronger connection with the company/brand because they can interact with the company online
* 70% feel better served when they have an online discussion with the company
* 68%have improved their opinion of the company/product because of friend’s recommendations
* 64% become followers, friends, fans of companies/brands because they showcase my personality/interests online

Constantly strengthen your relationship with your best customers online.  Develop new/different ideas, share thoughts/concepts, listen.

People who go online to research a product/service will almost unanimously place customer care/customer service high in their decision making process.  IDC research found:
* 74% choose companies/brands based on others’ customer-care experience shared online
* 72% research companies’ customer care online before purchasing at least some of the time
* 84% consider the quality of customer care in their purchasing decision
* 81% say blogs, online rating systems, discussion forums give consumers a greater voice in customer care
* 33% believe companies take customers’ opinions seriously
* Search engines are their most valuable research tool followed by social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, microblogs”

via Social Media #6.


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