Predictive Content Planning for Depth On Demand™

Now that we all agree advertising is “in the content business,” let’s look at content. How do we know that some forms of content will perform better than others? This is especially difficult for content that supports brands.

We need planning tools and methods for creating content – brand stories, article marketing, branding applications – that  befits the brand story, brand world, brand character and supports marketing goals that lead to measurable results (most frequently an impact on sales, share or volume).

Kristina Halvorson’s work, company, book and presentations are invaluable for defining content strategy (aka content management or editorial management) as a practice with heft. Let’s start there.

Then let’s look at possible models for Predictive Content Models based on qualitative research, social monitoring and search optimization as linguistic anthropology. In other words, we can use brand planning and social monitoring techniques to identify content areas that consumer groups (segments, profiles, personas) want or at least are likely to find interesting.

Establishing linkage (that’s a term I’m going to use a whole heck of a lot) to brand values, brand equity and the brand story is the ultimate measure for persuasive content. Taking a page from the promotional marketing playbook, linkage means defining that offer X is relevant and related to the brand. For example, any company can offer a cash prize or an exotic vacation; but choosing a prize structure that has conceptual and strategic linkage to the brand story and/or equity.

To be continued …


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