Depth On Demand Meets the Path of Least Resistance and Most Return

Why is Redbox successful? It’s easy. No, I mean that literally. It is easy to use by offering the path of least resistance. I want a movie; I go to the kiosk. Plus it offers me, personally, the most return for my effort. I get the movie; I take it home. I watch it. Then I drop it back at the kiosk. And I get all of that for a buck — a single dollar.

It’s not just a good deal. It’s a great deal. As long as folks at home want to watch movies on discs, Redbox has the best deal in town.

Some critics, pundits and experts would argue that Redbox is not a paragon of 21st century commerce. They might say, fairly speaking, that it’s a short-term business that is suited to the short window of opportunity that will end in a few short years. Fair enough. Let’s not forget how Enron was adored by the business press and professional pundits alike.

Redbox does serve a purpose here and now, though. It provides the path of least resistance coupled with the most reward for a nominal fee. That’s a magical combination in any category of business.


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