Drivers vs. Invitations

In the conversation cloud it costs too much and is so unwelcoming to push consumers toward brand destinations. The effort isn’t with the expense both in monetary terms and the erosion of good will. But advertisers persist in planning and executing campaigns in terms of drivers. Instead we need to think, plan and act in terms of invitations.

A great experience is reward in and of itself.  Think if a dinner party among friends. But it’s equally true of a meet up or business party that’s truly well planned and curated. You don’t need bribes to lure people into your home for a dinner party. You do send out an invitation that helpfully and creatively expresses what the theme and purpose of the meeting is all about.

Ultimately making a product purchase decision leads to a sort of meeting. It may be online in a cart or at a store at a counter. But one way or another the consumer needs to make time for that pivotal moment when the decision becomes a transaction.


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